KIEM-TV – Eureka, CA

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News Channel 3, KIEM-TV has long been the highest rated television
station serving the beautiful Northcoast. With studios and offices
located in Eureka, CA; News Channel 3 achieves its dominance of
viewers through our boundless efforts of providing Northern California
and Southern Oregon with the most extensive, comprehensive and
thorough local news coverage available. Our fully-staffed news
division is the recipient of many nationwide awards for outstanding
coverage of events most relative to our viewers. We provide the only
LIVE remote capabilities on the Northcoast, a full-time meteorologist,
sports anchors and reporters and special features on finances,
retirement, recreation and in-depth investigative coverage of all
communities within the News Channel 3 big two-state coverage area.

Additionally, KIEM-TV maintains a fully-staffed production department.
Our creative team is highly trained and experienced in writing and
producing strong results-oriented advertising campaigns for our local
businesses. Our long-time, local sales representatives have achieved
success by professionally following through on each account’s
advertising needs to guarantee the kind of success their investment
demands. Commercials are carefully scheduled in specific day parts and
programming designed to attract the key demographic targets ensuring
maximum response to the advertiser’s message.

News Channel 3 compliments our NBC affiliation and highly rated news,
entertainment and sports programming with the nation’s top syndicated
shows and our extended local news schedule. No station on the
Northcoast has a greater commitment to service its area which is why
we are knows as “the Spirit of the Northcoast”.